Bowing To Elephants
Tales of a Travel Junkie

Written by Mag Dimond
Available in Paperback from She Writes Press
September 17 , 2019

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Book Description

In Bowing to Elephants, a woman seeking love and authenticity comes to understand herself as a citizen of the world through decades of wandering the globe. During her travels she sees herself more clearly as she gazes into the feathery eyes of a 14,000-pound African elephant and looks for answers to old questions in Vietnam and the tragically ravaged landscape of Cambodia.

Bowing to Elephants is a travel memoir with a twist―the story of an unloved rich girl from San Francisco who becomes a travel junkie, searching for herself in the world to avoid the tragic fate of her narcissistic, alcoholic mother. Haunted by images of childhood loneliness and the need to learn about her world, Dimond journeys to far-flung places―into the perfumed chaos of India, the nostalgic, damp streets of Paris, the gray, watery world of Venice in the winter, the reverent and silent mountains of Bhutan, and the gold temples of Burma. In the end, she accepts the death of the mother she never really had―and finds peace and her authentic self in the refuge of Buddhist practice.

From a recent starred review from Kirkus:

The author’s loose-limbed narrative moves back and forth in time, telling a tale that’s less about specific events than it is about shifting moods in shifting places—sometimes anxious, plaintive or grief-stricken, and other times brimming with interest and wonder. The prose is gorgeous and novelistic… A luminous, engrossing meditation on family love and loss.
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Praise for Bowing to Elephants:

A beautiful, sensitive, intense exploration of the restless human heart searching for peace, love, and home...
— Natalie Goldberg, Author of Writing Down the Bones

A beautifully crafted memoir, weaving vivid descriptions, inner truths, suffering, and celebration into a tapestry of family revelations, love of the details of life, and worldwide adventure.
— Jack Kornfield, Author of No Time Like the Present

More than your average travel memoir, Bowing to Elephants elegantly weaves together the author’s love of exotic locales with her internal quest for meaning and reconciliation with the past. A beautifully written, evocative, and moving literary journey.
— Sean W. Murphy, Author of The Time of New Weather

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